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Call for entries for the 2nd Horrorant Film Festival 'FRIGHT NIGHTS' 2015

1st Horrorant Film Festival 'FRIGHT NIGHTS' in March 2014 had 19 features and 19 shorts (including 4 European Premieres and 1 World Premiere) and 3 of them benefited a distribution deal in Greece!
(You can see our Catalogue here.)

Second year we go bigger.
At least 40 features and many many shorts, many events and guests, directors, stars and more. 

The submission process will be open all year round.  
However, the closing date for submissions for the 2nd Horrorant Film Festival ‘Fright Nights’ 2015  is  the 31st of December 2014. 

There is no entry fee. 
We guarantee we watch everything, and we'll try to answer to every each of you.

- You can submit your film through Click for Festival, by pressing the button. 


 - OR you can download our submission form here:   SUBMISSION FORM

Then, you have to send us this form with your movie (dvd, b-ray) via regular post (mail adress inside the form)  

- OR  you can send us an online screener with the submission form via email at   submit@horrorant.com